I’m not sure who pointed you here, but I’m glad you found the way.

I’m Mikey, a developer, designer, and musician living and working in Amsterdam.

I currently work at WeTransfer, leading the Creative Engineering team in creating interactives and animations. I’ve worked on stuff like this, this, this, and a ton more.

Previously, I helped found the dev shop loop/recur.

I make music with the band Naive Set. Here’s a video we did with a giant sweater on guitar. That’s me singing, the bald one in the middle.

Not sure what else to say at this point. See what I did there? Point? But yeah, thanks for reading this far! Feel free to reach out and say hello. My email address is yeah@hey.com.

Hmmm. WeTransfer is not terribly mobile-friendly, so to try out these links, you'll need to hop on a laptop. Sorry! In the meantime, you can read something I wrote about WeTransfer wallpapers here .